Tiger Woods golf swing in slow motion

default Tiger Woods golf swing in slow motion

Analyze Tiger Woods swing in slow motion

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25 Responses to “Tiger Woods golf swing in slow motion”
  1. blueyourmom123 says:

    Perfect release of the club, something I struggle with to this day. I like how his head never moves an inch the guy is so zoned into his hit.

  2. rgobosox99 says:


  3. AIexandar says:

    i don’t even play golf but this was badass

  4. iBeastlyBanana says:

    0:41 [Lets speed this up, shall we?] THUMBS UP SO POEPLE CAN (Ohh so intresting -o-) SKIP TO THE GOLF BALL MEET CLUB THINGY

  5. MrF4IL says:

    they 4 got to show the hooker in the background

  6. R3dbullSalzburg says:

    @KrazyDunna you have no idea of golf

  7. golfer651 says:

    Look up (Taylor walstrums swing) tell me what you think, thanks

  8. Madman096 says:

    that looks like my swing lol

  9. GaspoOoO says:

    he is a real SWINGER :D

  10. autumnbush says:


  11. thegolfman666 says:

    Hey guys check´╗┐ our channel out we’ve got some new golf videos!

  12. rohitdewani says:

    Did you all see the perfect straight line in the end from toe to head!!!
    I cut finish my geometry homework with that!!

  13. twaaww says:

    @kiahughesy Kia, love the observations. However, that dip you see is not a flaw, Tiger has worked on this for quite a while. If they had a downline view of this swing you would see that when he dips, his butt gets farther away from the ball, which is a huge power move. When most people dip, their butt will move inward and they will stop their core from firing, killing distance, which may be the misunderstanding in the flaw interpretation. Keep swingin!

  14. crayd123 says:

    the song, is that Clint Mansell?? :X

  15. quingod22 says:

    whats the difference between 10,000 dead babies and a Ferrari? i dont have a Ferrari in my garage…..next one whats worse 10 dead babies in 10 trash cans or 1 dead baby in 10 trash cans…you dicide….

  16. iloveairfrance says:

    Awesome. I Love It ! What a Beauty !

  17. freerunkevin says:

    amazing, that golf can be more lame then it already was…

  18. kiahughesy says:

    got to say if you look at his downswing there is a slight dip, but the things he does that are picture perfect like the high left shoulder on impact instead of even and behind mean that he generates awesome power even though his core is coming slightly out in the dip. Lovely straight arm to allow the correct shoulder turn even with this fault

  19. tomfallon11 says:

    i wish that video would never end!

  20. 1BoomerTEE says:

    CIGAR GUY…hope you didn’t bet on TIGER this past weekend in Shanghai. Fairway stats are impressive but, its PUTTING that-wins-Tournaments!!!
    Boomer Tee (yourscoreyourway@yahoo.com)

  21. chrismcleod1010 says:

    i thought my original comment didnt go through, wow. Nice big bang theory quote btw, but maybe u should quote a show that is more to your personality like something off of Glee

  22. LootFragg says:

    @chrismcleod1010 Tell me more about not having the money for a super slomo camera. I didn’t get it the first, second and third time this got mentioned. So, why are your swings not in super slow motion like Tiger’s Woods? Ba-zinga! I totally don’t get it. This makes no sense at all. I never understand things that don’t get repeated at least 10 times in a row, because I’m a republican priest with a child fetish – oh, I already mentioned that I’m a priest, but see? Repeating stuff is good for you.

  23. chrismcleod1010 says:

    @LootFragg ummm yeah i dont have tiger woods money, i can only afford a walmart camera…geez

  24. Corncrops says:

    @WorkDALUMBER1 rofl

  25. iam18yearsold22 says:

    My favorite part was when tiger woods was on the screen. :)

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