Tiger Woods golf swing analysis

default Tiger Woods golf swing analysis

www.bpg.ie Irelands No 1 Golf Instructor Barry Power takes a detailed look at the changes Tiger Woods has made to his swing 2001 – 2007 Tiger’s 2010 analysis http

Golf Life Television and Hitgolf.com interview Michael Bennett, the co-inventor of the popular new swing on the PGA Tour, The Stack and Tilt. Bennett and his partner researched golf swings and body mechanics to arrive at this golf swing philosophy that has been very successful with many PGA tour professionals like Dean Wilson, Mike Wier and Arron Baddeley. Find more golf feature videos online at www.golflifetv.com or www.hitgolf.com

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50 Responses to “Tiger Woods golf swing analysis”
  1. SamWBellis says:

    What you say about him dipping his head and shortening the distance to the ball… If he matches this with moving his hips backwards slightly, the distance is maintained and he has a flatter swing. This compression into the ground gives extra power doesn’t it? I’m no expert, but I’ve noticed this about powerful hitters. If he stopped dipping his head do you think he would lose power? Thanks.

  2. mrmeat97 says:

    hi barry, you are very good at analysis, thank you for this video since it had taught me a lot, thanks again.

  3. abfmartin306 says:

    Excellent Analysis!!!
    How do you like our Swings?
    Search: abfmartin306
    Yours ~ProfessorFuture

  4. GKFC says:

    Very interesting video, thanks for the upload.

  5. thabigredd0g says:

    haha i paid $140 to have an instructor show me that

  6. tiger2995 says:

    Superb analysis Barry, many thanks. I especially like the explanation of the left hip ‘delaying’ the hit of the hands and arms. This is because the hands and arms are kept passive and all the force is generated in the body’s centre….something I’m only just getting the hang of after 10 years!

  7. ADAIVl says:

    could you look at my swing video and give me any advise, please.

  8. kinchu007 says:

    Best video I’ve ever watched…thank you Barry

  9. MattJones1418 says:

    na… staying on plane gives u more options

  10. draoicht22 says:

    Hi Barry,

    That was really very good instruction. Getting me in the mood to improve my swing. Have you any vids about trying to connect with what happens when the hands and shoulders turn and things kind of get lost. Apreciate it.
    Keep up the goos work anyway.

  11. shadow60650 says:


  12. GarrettNobles says:

    I dont know about yall but I personally love Tiger’s old swing. Im really trying to emulate a lot of his old habits in my swing now.

  13. hazzapk1990 says:

    good tips, very useful. i now know what i need to improve, everything!!! lol

  14. lionjokee says:

    hi barry,
    this is my firt time watching ur videos but i was amazed how good u are so i was wondering if u can help me or give me an advice on my swing that will be realllly helpful cuz when i grow upi want to be in the pga and im 12 yrs old and ive won all the tournaments i entered so far and ive played in 9 tournaments so far

  15. dandydude123xyz says:

    hi,i used to have the same problem then a realized hogam never released the club with his hands instead,it is better to keep the right elbow close to your body and hold the club off,you strike it better i find.

  16. nodnal13 says:

    hi Barry

    Great analysis. Very simple and easy to understand. I have trouble releasing my hands a little early like sergio garcia and then not using my hips enough to lead my hands. Could you recommend any drills or something to help with this? Thanks

  17. nodnal13 says:

    Hi Barry
    I used to play lots of golf and thought I had a decent swing until I had a free 10 minute analysis. My swing needs to be more flat and I have an issue of releasing my hands too early and not using my hips to turn. Do you possibly have any drills that could help? I appreciate it.

  18. fjtease says:

    Excellent analysis…I’m not a golfer but love to watch the sport…even before T-Dub but I had no idea how intricate the game is…and as I get older it’s more appealing.


    Good video

  20. barrypowergolfpro says:

    Send me a link to your golf swing video on Youtube and i will take a look at it for you and send you back a full video analysis and of course some new drills to help you with your downswing.

    Barry Power
    Golf Professional.

  21. turkey585 says:

    hello barry. i have a tendency to drop the club a little from the top of my back swing. i am trying to work on hitting into my left side from the top of my backswing with my hips like all the good players do. have you and drills i can practice to help me with this?

  22. turkey585 says:

    hello barry. i have a tendency to drop the club from the the top of my swing, i think i need to work on driving into my left side with my hips from the top of my swing like tiger and paudi do excellently. have you any drills i could work on to help me with this ? cheers

  23. ReeceLHinze says:

    That was very helpful. Thanks for your help.

  24. MusicianX2 says:

    Ahh Thank you so much, I’m going to the driving range tomorrow morning, I’ll get some video of my shots and setup, thanks :)
    Do you want shots with each club like my woods and all the irons?

  25. barrypowergolfpro says:

    I am on holidays at the moment so i have plenty of time to look at your swing and setup.

    So send them to me.

    Barry Power

    Barry Power Golf Academy

  26. JPBill2 says:

    @slamdunk661 Opinions are like assholes. Everyone is entitled to one.

  27. slamdunk661 says:

    No wonder this guy has a smile on his face as he speaks cause he is talking complete bullshit. We want to hit the ball further so we reverse pivot and lose width. What!!! Each one of these guys he is teaching will need treatment for a sore back very soon.

  28. jwg130889 says:

    Stack and Tilt really isnt that revolutionary.
    Its basically what Hogan was doing.
    I think it is a classic case of ‘whatever works for you’. Charlie Wi probably would be where he is now whithout it because of his shortgame, which is what matters. I am not quite sure i advocate the stack and tilt swing, alot of the positions that Bennet was getting people in scared me a bit. but in my opinion, not moving off the ball in the takeaway is a good thing to pick up from it.

  29. pyeon says:

    Charlie Wi of PGA wouldn’t be where he is now without Stack and Tilt swing.

  30. doooodewheresmycar says:

    @VIWAFL du bist ein dumb cunt!

  31. Cormacken67 says:

    this swing is complete bullshit, just look at mike weir now, gone from a regular pga tour winner to on the brink of losing his card, absolute rubbish!

  32. flowerdrop1 says:

    @MedicAlv1 other pros like Chuck Quinton are saying it will hurt your back too

  33. Gyro911 says:

    @apptrail007 I dont think you were using a conventional swing but, just made up your own swing you thought was conventional.

  34. VIWAFL says:

    ich bin 14 jahre alt und bin auch ein stack and tilter

  35. MedicAlv1 says:

    at 2:53 reverse pivot, check out what leadbetter says about this…….

  36. spartanstackandtilt says:

    @RandiesUnite profanity huh, wasn’t it you that used the s*** word 2 months ago, so not only are you an arrogant (fill in your favorite metaphor) you are also a hypocrite. I don’t care about your “tournament” record. I don’t look down on you because you work at dick’s sporting goods, you need to learn to love yourself.

  37. chippinfoo says:

    The ridicule on here is probably a golf instructor that doesn’t like the idea that there’s competition to his job on a video. The swing is fairly simple, easy to teach and it works good for those of us that don’t get to play or practice through the week. if you’re tired of hunting for balls in the woods, try it.

  38. RandiesUnite says:

    @spartanstackandtilt Now you’re using profanity, real classy. I might be good and I might not but I’m pretty confident you wouldn’t even win one hole. Why would I answer any questions you are asking? Shouldn’t you already know my tournament record? After all, you seem to be pretty sure of my employment.

  39. spartanstackandtilt says:

    @RandiesUnite couple of grand per hole! Wow you are really really good. Once again you didn’t reply to anything I said and also I don’t think a guy who plays a couple of grand per hole would be posting a****** remarks on a swing he knows nothing about. Dicks must be paying really well, why aren’t you on the pga tour again?

  40. RandiesUnite says:

    @spartanstackandtilt Yeah come on over to Muirfield in the off season and see if you can find the Dick’s I “work at”. And while you’re here we can play for a couple grand a hole. It’ll be a good ol’ friendly bet.

  41. spartanstackandtilt says:

    I admit I don’t get out as often as I would like but that has nothing to do with you knowing nothing about the sandt golf swing.I notice that you didn’t put down where you placed in those tournaments those “crappy” pga pros play. Dean did pretty good at the rvc can open, did you play there?I suppose sean o’hair and zach johnson suck also, they use sandt concepts. I guess since I don’t play as much as you, you are better person than me.Your mgr at Dicks is going to be mad at you for your comments

  42. spartanstackandtilt says:

    @helenathena it is hard to see when it is all done at once. In order to stay over the ball you have to stand up, tilt to the left, and rotate your shoulders in a circle. To prove this point, stand in front of a mirror, and set up like you would at address. stand up, tilt to the left, and then turn your shoulders around your body and you will stay centered. People are constantly insulting this swing method with no idea on the principles behind it.Take a lesson from a sandt teacher and u will c

  43. RandiesUnite says:

    @spartanstackandtilt With the small exception of Wi the other two won’t be around much longer they way they are going. The funniest part about Wilson and Axley (you spelled it wrong by the way) is that both had their only wins in 2006 before they completely converted to Crap and Tilt. Great attempt at a jab by way (saying I work at Dick’s). Do they really have a golf section there? The only people that would shop at a department store for golf equipment are weekend hacks, such as yourself.

  44. helenathena says:

    @spartanstackandtilt hey i see you understand alot about the golf swing of s and t what i was woinder why not just stay stacked over the ball instead of tilting it still gives you a strong left post side to hit agaisnt, like sean foley does with sean o hair and hunter mahan and now is doing with tiger woods. I just dont under stand it.

  45. spartanstackandtilt says:

    @RandiesUnite Congrats! I see you mentioned that Charlie Wi, Dean Wilson, and Eric Axily are all crappy players, but they are still PGA pros. In these golfers last events where did you rank? No one is saying you don’t play well and no one is saying SandT is the only way, but to say it is crap when you don’t know anything about it is just plain ignorant. Just because you play golf for a living, ie work at dick’s sporting goods in the golf section, doesn’t mean sandt can’t be effective.

  46. RandiesUnite says:

    @spartanstackandtilt I do play golf for a living so you can go ahead and speak for yourself on this one, thanks.

  47. spartanstackandtilt says:

    @RandiesUnite most of us are not touring professional or professional athletes, so it really doesn’t matter. You, me, and 99.9999% of golfers are not as gifted as the touring pro dead last in the rankings. The SandT model is simplified way to strike a golf ball. It promotes keeping weight forward, bc most golfers hit behind the ball. It promotes a slight in to out swing bc most golfers come over the top. It is just another effective way to hit a golf ball.

  48. spartanstackandtilt says:

    @Snagga2010 Most tour pros are striving to a constant spine inclination to the ground, big difference. If your spine angle didn’t change your head would be way behind the ball in the backswing and way ahead in the follow through. You don’t think most golfers, who are slicers, would not benefit from a swing model that promotes a draw? You should get the SandT book or get a lesson, least then you could make a valid argument against SandT.

  49. spartanstackandtilt says:

    @sandersuperfollador if you are hitting the ball too low you are not doing the swing correctly. Get a lesson from a SandT instructor and you will find that sandt does not promote low ball flight. If all you’re doing is keeping your weight left you will run into a lot of problems. Charlie Wi hits the ball pretty high.

  50. Snagga2010 says:

    For the majority of players S&T isn’t the way to go although it is a quick fix for some. Most touring pro’s don’t stack and tilt but do strive for a constant spine angle which means the turn and keep a consistent swing plane. This has proven bio-mechanically to produce the best outcome shot wise and physically (from an injury perspective). If you load the right side and release appropriately you hit with the core muscles and don’t require either big shifts of weight (balance) or hand saves

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