Pro Golf Swings (Slow Motion)

4 pro golfers swings viewed in slow-mo tiger woods,phil mickelson,adam scott and ernie els

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8 Responses to “Pro Golf Swings (Slow Motion)”
  1. AJAmore22 says:

    @MrTubeduck I guarantee your swing is flawed somewhere if your hitting it right your probably dipping your shoulders on the downswing

  2. MrTubeduck says:

    if i swing like that the ball goes right

  3. broski9999 says:

    love the music lol

  4. lasherza says:

    ERnies Swing best by far.. he does tend to get lazy tho.

  5. andrewr7golfer says:

    Nice video, Adam has a very nice swing.

  6. Bloop3r says:

    Too bad he sucks and can’t use that swing.

  7. alexarcantos32 says:

    yea i think so too.
    hes also my favorite player lol

  8. irishsteez32 says:

    adam scott has the best swing in golf

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