Improve Your Ball Striking Golf Lesson

default Improve Your Ball Striking Golf Lesson

Get Mark’s iPhone App Like Mark Crossfield on Facebook Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter Improve Your Ball Striking Golf Lesson with PGA Professional Mark Crossfield. In this golf lesson watch how Mark talks about the downswing and how to improve your golf strikes. The two golfers in the videos sent their golf swings to Mark through his iPhone app for a video lesson. Mark talks about lag and the quality of their ball striking through better downswing sequence.

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19 Responses to “Improve Your Ball Striking Golf Lesson”
  1. SuperMozzman says:

    This has helped me a great deal, I couldn’t understand why I was pushing my 7 iron 120 yards, after recording my swing I found I was casting the club out fully on the downswing long before impact.

    Thanks for this Mark.

  2. cherrio22 says:

    I like watching your video’s you put it terms that beginners can understand. When you get your lower body through how do you release your hands by letting them fall or are you creating mometum by swinging your arms?

  3. steven fenton says:

    great video mark….you are a natural in front of camera’s

  4. mcdijnh2 says:

    Excellent advice Mark. Just found you on YouTube and this is the bees knees. However any chance of some chipping tips??? Thanks, nick

  5. lewishong9 says:

    It’s like golf reality show. Winner gets exemption and money prize

  6. golfbog1 says:

    this is great

  7. mracampa23 says:

    Mark, why do you use these as opposed to dynamic golds? Is it more of a swing speed match or is it because of feel and better flight?

  8. theduckwa says:

    You are a great instructor. Gonna try and incorporate the ‘lag’ into my game

  9. prorobo says:

    It’s a reality show where the winner gets $50k+ in cash, a club manufacturer endorsement, and an exemption(s) into a PGA tournament. Basically it’s a jump start for a player to potentially play pro golf for a living. The Big Break Ireland show that just wrapped had an Irishman win two exemptions into the Irish Open next year on the Euro Tour and the Hassan 2 Golf Trophy as well as a bunch of cash and other stuff.

  10. Benjamin Hegan says:

    Fantastic video Mark! Thanks very much, going to try that drill out tonight at the range. All your videos are great!

  11. syllybaby says:

    im in it !

  12. 4golfonline says:

    what is it?

  13. 4golfonline says:

    great thanks for watching.

  14. 4golfonline says:

    yes i have the Project X 5.5 graphites love them.

  15. 4golfonline says:

    thanks for the comment and good luck with this drill it is a great drill and helps lots of my students.

  16. o0Chrome0o says:

    Mark that has to be one the best beginner drills I have seen. Serious, I have battled for 3 years thinking I was on to it. Realistically I knew a lot about the fundamentals, even about “LAG” but only recently experienced it. Hips are the driving force but us amateurs think its all the arms.
    Thanks for the vids Mark.

  17. Luke Sliwowski says:

    hey mark do u use graphite shafts in your irons just curious thanks

  18. lewishong9 says:

    you should compete in big break from golf channel

  19. Madclarky says:

    Thank you very much for your lesson mark great drill works a treat

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